The Club


Rubislaw Tennis Club was established at Cromwell Gardens, Aberdeen in 1922. In those days, the club had three blaes (red shale) courts and leased the ground. Ownership of the site was acquired in 1950 and the courts subsequently upgraded to an all-weather "en-tous-cas" (porous concrete) surface, allowing play all year round. Floodlights were also added on two courts - a necessity for playing during the long, dark winter nights. A sand-filled artificial grass carpet was laid on top of the concrete courts in 1993 and a new, brighter, floodlighting system installed on all three courts in 2001. The base of the courts were reconstructed in macadam during 2008, with a new artificial grass surface laid on top. New for September 2017 the club replaced the oldartificial grass courts with new artificial clay courts. These courts are the first of their type to be laid in the North East of Scotland. Artificial clay provides a slower, higher bounce helping encourage longer rallies, making it the ideal surface to learn to play on. It is ideal for juniors and adults new to tennis to develop good technique and is playable all year round.

Rubislaw Tennis Club believes in diversity and demonstrates this through the wide range of members at the club. From the young to the old, the diehard tennis player to the socialites among us Rubislaw values each member and builds its programmes and future on this basis. Our growing junior division means that Rubislaw can help to develop and encourage talent which will in time become our future senior players. With the dedication of our own Club Coach, Rubislaw can offer an excellent programme for junior players.

The club is run by a voluntary committee.

The Committee Members can be found here.



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