Our Coach


Name : Darren Nicol

Age : How old do you think?

From : Stonehaven

Height : 5ft ??

Weight : Increasing

Likes : Sweets, fast cars, golf tennis and winning

Hates : Losing, vegetables, housework, losing oh and losing

Ambition in life : To never admit he is over 30

Qualification : DCA


After spending numerous evenings, as a young boy, collecting money from the public using Stonehaven's tennis courts, Darren soon realised that his place in life may not be behind a desk but rather on a tennis court. Darren did not start playing tennis till his late teens but dedicated all his spare time to improving his game. After his dreams of becoming a pro were not realised, becoming a full time coach was the obvious career path for him. Spending his time coaching in numerous tennis clubs around Aberdeen and the surrounding area, Darren finally rooted himself at Rubislaw in 2004 and became the full time junior coach for the club. Darren is an active member of the men's teams playing in local and nation leagues. His best results as a tennis player can be seen when he plays to a crowd. thanks to Darren's enthusiasm and dedication, Rubislaw has seen a steady increase in Junior players joining the club and a number of young players showing promising talent. His ability to interact with the Juniors and make learning enjoyable means that your child will adopt the same enthusiasm and love of tennis that Darren has.


To find out more information about coaching offered at the club please see the Junior coaching page.

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