AEGON Team Tennis Scotland 2013 Division 1 Champions

The Rubislaw men's team repeated their 2011 success by winning the top division of the Scottish tier of the Aegon Team Tennis Competition. After losing the first fixture in a match shootout to Braid the team then went unbeaten for the rest of the season. The results are below, more details can be found on the Aegon Team Tennis webpage - Aegon Team Tennis

The team will now enter the Nation Open Playoff's, to be played in June 2014, where they will be drawn against the winners of one of the English regions to play for a place in the British Finals.

  Home   Away  


Western v University of Stirling  
  Virgin Active Lanarkshire v Strathgryffe  
  Braid v Rubislaw 7-6 


Univ of Stirling v Virgin Active Lanarkshire  
  Strathgryffe v Braid  
  Rubislaw v Western  12-0


Western v Virgin Active Lanarkshire  
  Strathgryffe v Rubislaw  4-8
  Braid v Univ of Stirling  


Virgin Active Lanarkshire v Rubislaw  4-8
  Univ of Stirling v Strathgryffe  
  Western v Braid  


Braid v Virgin Active Lanarkshire  
  Strathgryffe v Western  
  Rubislaw v Univ of Stirling  12-0
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